Peter Aylward interviewing Robert Brand

Australia’s Satellite Utilisation Policy

Peter Aylward interviewing Robert BrandRobert Brand Discusses Australia’s Satellite Utilisation Policy

The new Australian Space policy has been watered down to being a Satellite Utilisation Policy. Robert Brand discusses his reaction to the policy. This was broadcast on April 24th 2013. The interview was carried out by Peter Aylward from Melbourne’s Space Show. It is broadcast at 7pm, Wednesdays on Southern FM 88.3MHz. We had just finished visiting the site of the old Honeysuckle Creek tracking station. The site that brought the world Neil Armstrong’s first steps on the moon. These days it is little more than a historic site next to a campground. Only the foundations remain with some interpretive boards.

My son Jason took the picture and note how he placed the sign over my head!

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Australia’s Space Policy – Interview

 Space Show Southern FMRobert Brand Interviewed on Australia’s Space Policy

This interview was with a group to discuss Australia’s upcoming Space Policy. Australia’s Space Show originates in Melbourne. It is broadcast on Wednesdays between 7pm and 8pm on 88.3 Southern FM

INTERVIEW: by Andrew Rennie – February 6th 2013.

Space activities in Australia. Discussion on the soon-to-be released Australian National Space Policy. Featuring:

David Reneke
Astronomy lecturer and teacher
NSWRobert Brand
Director of Spacecraft Communications
Team Stellar
Sydney, Vic

Lachlan Thompson
Associate Professor
Aerospace Design
RMIT University
Melbourne, Vic

Len Halprin
Space Association
East Brighton, Vic

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