Lots of Balloon Flights

LaunchA-3Space Rich, Time Poor

It has been too long since we posted about our activities in space. I apologise. We have been so busy and time to do “things” has been scarce. Website updates have stopped for some time. None the less we have still been doing balloon flights. Yes, that is my son Jason (14) and me releasing the first balloon flight in this set. (image right)

We did 4 flights recently in Australia: UpLift-24 to UpLift-27. The project is under commercial wraps for the moment but I can say that it was a  set of weather balloon flights for a big company. They were for their internal restructuring and next few years of corporate direction. Because of the importance of the project, we had several camera including a 360 degree x 240 degrees video camera. We will have the entire 360 degree video available once the company concerned uses it internally.These snaps are from that camera The camera uses a fish eye lens and the software allows the image to decompress and normalise the view. This means that you can, with your PC or smart phone, that you can look around the image. Look in front, look down, look left, right or rear. It is like sitting in a bubble under the payload and balloon.

So I have taken 5 frames from the video and looked around the frame in 4 different directions. Because it is an extremely wide angle lens, the images closest are very big. Jason thus looks very big compared to me in the above image. None the less, there will be nothing but a few clouds near the camera once we leave the ground. Here are 4 images from each frame. The town is Rankins Springs in NSW, Australia. Balloon Central in Australia.

The Balloon Release:

LaunchA-3   LaunchA-2

LaunchA-1   LaunchA-4

10 Metres off the Ground:

LaunchB-4   LaunchB-3

LaunchB-1   LaunchB-2

60 Metres off the Ground

LaunchC-4   LaunchC-3

LaunchC-2   LaunchC-1

The Balloon Above the Clouds

3km-4   3km-3

3km-2   3km-1

The Balloon in the Stratosphere:

Max-4   Max-3

Max-2   Max-1

You can click on each of the images for a full screen view. As I said, these are clips from a single frame from a video. We will soon be able to show you the full 360 degree fully immersible video. You can even use a VR headset or google Cardboard. Please enjoy these images for the moment.

No, we are not being obsessive about dust – it was for the video for the company. It will be magnificent. We had cameras mounted on the tracking vehicle looking forward and back to the windscreen. There was even a drone following the launch and above the tracking vehicle traveling down the highway and down dirt roads. More on these videos as soon as we can release the videos.

Oh yeh – We still have 100% recovery rate – 27 flights and 27 recoveries. There were night recoveries with this one. Two were in the dark! A first for us.