ITAR and Australia – Not Happy!

The US ITAR Regulations and Australia My rant for the day about ITAR. Well, I am ranting about ITAR most days! It is a rather difficult situation where another country’s regulations are imposed on your country. Well how did this … read more

13th ASSC Uni NSW

13th Australian Space Science Conference Pt1

Space Education by Robert Brand I was fortunate to present at the 13th Australian Space Science Conference at Sydney University a little over a week ago. The only unfortunate thing was a mix-up by yours truly and I ended up there … read more

Stellar Launch Rocket

WotzUp Update (Archives)

WotzUp Update *** Retrieved from Archives *** Published March 25th 2013 Team Stellar It is full steam ahead with a range of activities. The biggest one of all is the risk assessment of the navigation systems and choosing the system … read more