Robert brand 2013What is WotzUp all about?

The simplest answer is “hands on” space! The author, Robert Brand has been working on science and space projects for some time and is letting everyone ride along with the projects he is working on. Some are high altitude balloon missions like the UpLift series. Others are space missions like Team Stellar’s bid to get to the moon. Whatever the project, it will have a Project name.

His son, Jason, was 9 years old in 2011 when this site was formed and Jason is involved in many aspects of space. He takes part in most balloon flights and recoveries. He is also Team Stellar’s Australian Student Representative. He obtained his Foundation HAM radio license at age 9 to help with balloon flights and recoveries.

How do you Navigate Wotzup.com?

Using this Site: This site uses the mission or project names in the category field. You can see all the posts for a particular mission or project by selecting it’s category – it is that simple.

We also use the term/category General for a variety of reasons such as housekeeping or articles of general interest or even articles not associated with a mission or project. Occasionally we will also have Featured articles. These are articles of some significance to any project. Simply I might want to draw your attention to a key event. These featured articles will appear on the front page when you first open the site.

There are two menus. A page menu is at the very top of the page and contains special pages such as this one. The menu below our logo strip (at top of the right hand column),  has our categories (or Projects). Click on a Category and you isolate only the stories for the  that Project. eg: Click on “Balloons” and you only see Balloon stories.

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