HAB-Tracker (High Altitude Balloon Tracker)

The HAB-Tracker window below courtesy of http://spacenear.us

You can also track balloons and other HAM radio APRS transmitters on http://aprs.fi

At this time, Jason and I use a mixture of trackers depending on whether the flight is commercial or amateur or foe education. They are all able to be called a HAB-Tracker. The one above can track both UHF low power systems (commercial and non-commercial) and HAM radio APRS (non-commercial). As you know we cannot use APRS to track our balloon if it is a commercial flight. Occasionally the commercial flights allow an additional non commercial payload experiment and we can use APRS under those conditions. We will advise of how we can track the flight if we are allowed to disclose this. Enjoy this HAB-Tracker page

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