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My son Jason (13 years old in 2015) and I live an exciting life with a lot of space and aerospace activities. I am a leading space entrepreneur with several real space missions.

It is a real buzz having Jason so involved in space and High Altitude Balloon activities. We launch, track and recover payloads and we are truly the team with the best recovery rate in the world. After 23 flights we have recovered all 23 payloads! These photos are from my Facebook cover page and they are updated regularly every 2-3 days. They detail the great stuff that can be done by anyone with the drive and determination to succeed. I get to travel the world as I am very involved in space and these travels and pictures with my friends are all shown below. Simply this is a set of “Robert Brand space photos”

As these are cover images, there will always be the odd picture that is about something dramatic that is not space – like the recent encounter with a snake in our front yard. I love snakes, but there are kids and dogs nearby and this one was mildly venomous! The pictures are mostly aerospace. As we live in Australia, most are taken right here in this vast and magnificent country.

You can find me on Facebook here:  http://www.facebook.com/Echoes.Of.Apollo If you wish to send me a friend request, please note that I have close to the 5,000 friend limit and cannot easily add more people.

Enjoy the images and stories.

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