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UpLift-28 Robert and Jason Brand toasting success.High Altitude Balloon Rates / Fees

Simply, we are literally the world’s best High Altitude Balloon (HAB) recovery team. We so far have a 100% success recovery rate with 28 flights at time of publishing this page.  26 off those flights were commercial. Jason has been there for 26 and Bob accompanied for 2. We use a number of tracking systems for recovery and we have a very well supported release and flight area approved by CASA (Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority. We release about 1/3 of all balloon releases registered with CASA and because we mentor many teams – we are closely involved in half of all balloon releases.

That is us, top right, celebrating a recovery of a payload. That picture was taken at the recovery of UpLift-28 – Jason was a bit taller than half my size when we started. He was 9 years old and these days he is 14 at the time of publishing this page. We always toast our success with Ginger Ale – a soft drink / soda. Remember that we only handle weather balloons and not those carrying people. We always get into the stratosphere with our weather balloons if that is the requirement and almost always over 30km altitude – nearly 1/3 the way to space (100km). These balloon flights are often called “near space” flights. Our customers payloads are usually 2.5Kg and the highest flight has been 33.866Km.

What Can You Send Aloft:

We have been helping others make the most incredible flights for amazing reasons. There are always cameras, but our customers have their own requirements. We have had signage change during flight; we have taken up 360 degree immersive video cameras, radio systems; sensors and musical noise makers.

UpLift-19 Space ChickenWe have flown payloads for :

  • Bulla Cloud9 Yogurt online advertising
  • Several record launches
  • Conservation (Karl the Cassowary)
  • Art (Sounds in the Stratosphere)
  • Science competition (20 experiments flown in Croatia)
  • Science Week education – Albury lectures tracking a live flight
  • Product launches
  • Sydney University – Science
  • Toyota Team Bonding.

What you get:

Balloon Burst4 seconds after the event - UpLift-19

Balloon Burst 4 seconds after the event – UpLift-19

  • The most consistent team on the planet – with a 100% recovery success with 28 payloads released (at time of publication).
  • Released 2 flights in Croatia
  • Working with Murdoch University and a UK University for 2 separate Mars missions that will require precision balloon flights.
  • The experience of 28 flights under our belts.
  • Difficult projects that require old and new logo reveals, multiple cameras and 360 degree photography.
  • Ground photography of the release site and in vehicle photography of the chase.
  • Drone photography of the release site.
  • We will even wear special suits and tee shirts for the project.
  • Save $1,100 per flight.

Listen to what a difference a high altitude balloon campaign can make.

Hear and see more directly from the customer!:

Below is one the individual flights.

That was me (Robert Brand – the head of HABworx) in the closing scenes picking up the payload. It was definitely frozen! We limited the height of payloads by the size of the balloon fill. This ensured that they would come down before warming in the stratosphere. There were 41 people involved for 2 days in central NSW. The projects can be big or small – it is up to you.

Contact: homepc @ rbrand . com — remove the spaces!

Save by using a small team. The locals always take an interest.We will give you a price for your project that will make it a reality!

The price of 3,000 would be a single flight in central NSW with 2 to 3 cameras (yours!) to usually above 30Km. We provide the tracking and everything else for the flight. You can even track the flight from your armchair at home – or come with us for the adventure of releasing the balloon and tracking the payload to a field and recovering the payload! We always use multiple trackers in case one fails – and they do!

Email me with your flight request and finalise payment within 2 days and let us send your payload to the Stratosphere.

A Guide to Prices

  • Basic Price $3,000: We fly your payload with our trackers – Up to 4Kg – 2.5Kg will usually get to 30Km altitude or more). We travel 6 hours drive to West Wyalong on day 1, fill and release early on day 2; recover the payload and return home on day 2
  • $1,000 for additional per day for any customer reason (excluding second balloon flight).
  • $2,000 for additional balloon flight and recovery on the following day
  • $2,000 for a second tracking team for their first flight
  • $1,000 for a second tracking team for additional flights
  • $2,000 for us to build the payload and provide cameras (GoPros) for any flights with small mascots or logos – excluding new logo reveals.
  • $1,000 for a reveal mechanism – pulls the old logo away and reveals the new logo.
  • Other work will need to be discussed and quoted.
UpLift-28 Released. Our latest flight. The customers will tell you that we saved them a lot of money compared to doing it themselves.

UpLift-28 Our latest flight at time of publication. The customers will tell you that we saved them a lot of money compared to doing it themselves.

The video above was Jason (left, standing) and me (right, standing) filling a 3Kg balloon in Zagreb, Croatia. We were sent to Croatia to launch 20 student experiments. We were later invited to the Presidents official office in the mountains so that he could discuss what we were doing and also all of our work in Team Stellar space group.

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