Andy’s Pico Flight Progress

Balloon Headed North

Andy’s Pico Flight progress has been as predicted. It is heading very much north from Melbourne in an unusual jet stream current. It is averaging about 8,000m (8Km – 5 miles) altitude and headed north at an average speed of 80kph (50mph). It recently passed over where Jason and I launch our balloons. It was a little west of Rankin Springs!

With a little luck, the current winds will take the balloon to sea near Cairns in far north Queensland (Australia). Below is the current track at time of publication:

Andy flight

Below is a snapshot of the jet stream that has allowed the flight to head north rather than the regular west to east path:

Jet Stream 2014-06-09

See the wind markers pointing straight up from Melbourne in the SE of Australia? Below is a more normal flow in 3 days time. The wind is headed west to east:

Jet Stream 2014-06-12

Andy has been very careful to watch the forecast and launch for the unusual jet stream wind direction.

Note that HAM radio tracking is listed in the preceding post. Tracking sites on the Internet are listed.

3 comments on “Andy’s Pico Flight Progress

  1. The balloon recently flew over Cobar in NSW. There is not much tracking out that way, so we will have to wait for more updates. The balloon is however drifting a little more east and may cross the coast near Townsville in Queensland. If it heads further east, it may cross near Brisbane.

  2. The balloon is within an hour or two of crossing the east coast of Australia, just north of Brisbane. It just crossed over Kingaroy and will just pass to the south of Fraser Island over Great Sandy National Park. Andy says that he wanted it to head north so that it has a chance of getting to South America in about a week’s time!! Good Luck!

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