We are Coming Back Online Soon

Robert brand 2013Welcome back.

My name is Robert Brand and I am involved in High Altitude Balloon (HAB) and space projects. My site went off the air due to a mistake with our ISP and I am restoring it. I expect it to be back in the next week. My apologies for the inconvenience.

I am Team Stellar’s Director for Spacecraft Communications Navigation and Data. I am also involved in many other space activities and future missions.
Interested in High Altitude Balloon Flights

We have had 16 balloon flights with 15 being commercial. All payloads have been successfully recovered. If you wish to book a commercial HAB flight for science, advertising or any other reason, please contact me here: homepc@rbrand.com

Our prices are reasonable and although we can never guarantee the recovery of a payload, we are the most successful in the world at recovering payloads. Our current capability is up to 4kg, but we are developing a capability to over 15kg.