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Breaking Mach 1, but by How Much?

Hitting the Mach. by Robert Brand The aim of Project ThunderStruck is hitting Mach 1 and a bit more for good measure. Basically breaking the sound barrier. We may reach Mach 1.5, but that will be very much related to … read more

Weather to ZPB converter

Zero Pressure Balloon Converter

Weather Balloon to Zero Pressure Balloon Converter. By Robert Brand Two weeks ago I was a guest lecturer in Aerospace at a Sydney University spoke about the current space projects I am involved in. It was good to see interest … read more


Apollo Heritage – A GLXP Hangout

Apollo 11 45th Anniversary Hangout – Apollo Heritage and the GLXP. Well the Apollo Heritage Hangout event is over and I had a lot of fun with the interview or should I say “armchair chat”. It was a very comfortable … read more


Australian Student (12) to Attempt Breaking the Sound Barrier with Radio Controlled Aircraft

Jason Brand to Attempt Breaking the Sound Barrier with Model Aircraft. In the next 12 months, Jason Brand will attempt to break the sound barrier. He is a 12 year old student from Sydney Secondary College, Balmain Campus and is … read more


My own piece of Hardware in Orbit

KickSat Mothership Achieves Orbit. by Robert Brand Remember the small prototype of our KickSat (photo right)? In mid April, 2014 it was tucked inside its mothership and that was inside the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket that blasted into orbit with … read more